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Statutes of the Civil Order of Savoy

Carlo Alberto Paer
Carlo Alberto Paer

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By the Grace of God, King of Sardinia, of Cyprus
and of Jerusalem,
Duke of Savoy, of Genoa, etc.
Prince of Piedmont, etc.

The experience of both ancient and modern times has conclusively demonstrated that special awards in recognition of meritorious achievements, distributed in an impartial and just manner, contribute greatly to the glory and prosperity of Nations, set an example for others to follow and focus our attention on all that is useful, beautiful and great as well as on all forms of virtue and talent.

Thus, King Victor Emmanuel, our predecessor of glorious memory, created the Military Order of Savoy in 1815, to suitably reward acts of military valor and merit.

We have decided to complete and to further perfect the King’s work, by honoring those who, in professions no less important than the military, have by their long and diligent efforts, become outstanding members of society, or who have contributed greatly to the common good.

It is our intention that the awards we have created to honor civil merit should only be conferred after thorough examination of a candidate’s qualifications.

To achieve these purposes, we have determined that only those who are the most likely to enhance the glory of the Order there shall be considered for this honor.
The uniforms of this new Order shall, therefore, only be worn by individuals of recognized merit, whose conduct and principles are above reproach and who have been recommended for their devotion to Ourselves and for their dedication to the rule of law.

Therefore, by virtue of Our own knowledge, Our sovereign authority, and the advice of Our Council, we have decided and decreed the following:

Article 1

​There is hereby created, instituted and founded in perpetuity, a Civil Order of Savoy of which We declare Ourselves to be the Head and Grand Master; and desire that this supreme dignity shall, after Us, be passed down to Our successors and heirs to the Royal Crown.

Article 2

The Order shall have no class other than that of Knight.

Article 3

The insignia shall consist of a golden cross filled with gold enameled in blue, with a circular shield bearing the founder’s monogram on the obverse, and the following inscription on the reverse: "For Civil Merit, 1831".

Article 4

This cross shall be attached to the left of the garment and pendant from a ribbon edged with a blue band between two bands of white.

Article 5

We shall confer the Civil Order of Savoy upon:

  1. Senior executives and managers having distinguished themselves by outstanding acts or works in the field of civil administration

  2. Scientists, men of letters and administrators who have written and published important works

  3. Engineers, architects, and artists who have attained fame through works of exceptional merit

  4. The authors and publishers of an invention, or discovery of great value and usefulness, and upon those who have perfected the discoveries and inventions of others, and, thereby, rendered them valuable and useful

  5. Professors of the sciences or letters and to leaders of educational institutions who have presented innovative ideas in their fields and who have published significant writings and who shall have achieved fame through their teachings or supervision of the young

Article 6

Whosoever aspires to receive the Civil Order of Savoy shall present a petition to Us, together with his qualifications in support of his petition, through Our Chancellery.

If this request is deemed qualified pursuant to the criteria set forth in one of the aforementioned five categories, We shall cause it to be submitted for review by the Council which We have appointed from among members of the Order, consisting of no more than seven knights, one of whom We shall have appointed to preside during such deliberations.

Article 7

The Council shall obtain information as to:

  1. The candidate’s qualifications in accordance with Article 5 above

  2. The candidate’s suitability and moral character

Article 8

The Council shall process the application based upon the information assembled by it and the Council will reach its decision on the application by secret ballot. The result of the vote shall be rendered orally.

Article 9

Our Grand Chancellor shall report to Us on the information gathered, the opinion of the Council and the results of the vote. He shall receive Our decision, which he will relay to the Council and to the candidate.

Article 10

The Grand Chancellor shall prepare the diploma and submit it to Us for Our signature.

Article 11

Knights of the Civil Order of Savoy are entitled to be admitted to Our Court and to enjoy the honor of military salute, in the same manner as the knights of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus and of the Military Order of Savoy.

Article 12

All of the Order’s registry, admission applications, supporting documentation, the Council’s recommendations and Our decisions shall be maintained in the permanent records of Our Chancellery.


Signed at Turin on the 29th day of October in the year of Our Lord eighteen hundred and thirty-one, and the first of Our reign.

Charles Albert
V. Barbaroux, Keeper of the Seals
V. G.M Caccia
V. Pensa
De l’Escarene
Revised in Geneva on the 11th day of June and the 10th day of October, 1996
Victor Emmanuel
​G. Balbo di Vinadio​

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